DBC-051 dv/dt Thyristor tester

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Auto Testing Machine
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Thyristor Tester:



1. Overview


The apparatus is a thyristor off-state voltage critical rate of rise of dv / dt parameters for special test equipment. Applicable to a variety of fast thyristor, ordinary thyristors and the bidirectional thyristor parameter test. The test instrument of advanced design, reasonable structure, convenient operation. The detection principle in accordance with GB4024-83 standards. Is the production of power semiconductor devices factory units and the use of the most ideal testing equipment.


2. Main technical data


2.1 Maximum test voltage:2kV

2.2 Off state voltage critical rate of rise of dv / dt measurement range:≤1000Vs

2.3Working conditions

Power supply:AC 220V±10% 50Hz


2.4 Power consumption:less than 100VA

2.5Weight of machine:about 15Kg

2.6 Size of machine:440×440×150mm


3 Work principle (refer to circuit theory diagram)



The instrument adopts a voltage rising test. Switch S close before, E2 power capacitors C charging, charging the end voltage of both ends of the same, C and E2, the polarity is negative. S closed, E1 through W to the C charging voltage, C by negative gradually, the D is partial conduction, then, gradually rising voltage across R2 C through a current-limiting resistor to the device being tested. The rate of voltage rise from the size of W and C time constants determined, change the W can change the time constant, so that the rate of voltage rise with W change.



4 Structure feature



The apparatus for box type structure, digital display, visual reading and convenient. Front panel, a control knob, a digital display meter and a wire connecting terminal. The back is provided with three wire power socket and fuse ( fuse for 0.5A / 250V ).


The instrument is placed without special requirements, but the enclosure of the apparatus to be grounded reliably ( the enclosure of the apparatus and the back of three lines power supply socket is connected, so as to ensure the midpoint ) instrument measurement accuracy and safety of operators.



5 Usage



5.1 main panel illustration (refer to the main panel diagram)





5.1.1 " Power" switch

This switch to throw off, HID lamp, the power supply is switched on.

5.1.2 " Output" terminal

DUT terminals, anode, cathode connected with" +"" -".

5.1.3 " VDM ( V )" display table

Display test voltage, unit v.

5.1.4" VDM" knob

Regulation of the test voltage ( the voltage selection 2 / 3 thyristor repetitive peak off-state voltage ), clockwise counterclockwise increases, decreases.

5.1.5 "dt / dt" switch

Between 0 and 15 A, 0 DV / dt minimum, the 15 largest.

5.1.6 " Conducting indicating lamp"

The device under test is opened, indicator light.

5.2 Method of operation

5.2.1 " VDM adjusting knob counterclockwise rotation hell".

5.2.2 Turn on the power switch

5.2.3 Connection device under test

5.2.4 Determine "dv / dt" switch position

For example: a batch of devices require DV / dt > 500V / s, the number of devices for 1400V VDRM repetitive peak off-state voltage. According to the thyristor test standard, selecting 2 / 3VDRM to DV / dt test voltage, i.e. 933V.

DV / dt coefficient = 500 / 933 = 0.535

From the stalls - coefficient table of coefficient and 0.535 close value is 05, namely" DV / dt control" switch to select 05 gear.

5.2.5Rotates clockwise" VDM" knob," VDM display table" shows the off-state voltage value ( in this case the 933V ). If this" conducting indicating lamp is not bright," explains DV / dt value is greater than a predetermined value ( in this case 500 ). Otherwise, DV / dt value is less than a predetermined value ( in this case 500 ).

5.2.6 Counterclockwise rotation" VDM adjusting knob end". The test is finished.